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written by Regardless Devon Victory
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This movie book called Level Seven is # 21/196 on the book list

Back ground info on Level Seven:

Level Seven is really an interesting story to me. I think it crosses horror with Sci- Fi. In some instances, I think that the story should be fiction. I intended to use short story and novel writing at the same time - for instances certain parts of the story goes into the main character Charles's life, in areas where I feel may not be needed, in short story form, for this story.
I wasn't trying to confuse readers, I was really just trying to expand short story writing mixed with novel writing. That's why that area of the story is pretty extensive. Also there's more than one part to this story - so this story's ending may be plight,or prevaricated. I like to thank any one who's reading;thanks for taking the time to read my story...

“The psychoanalysis states that what has happened here is just right for the fortificated dwell. We permitted only a certain amount of people in here. The recollection of the source is the analytical profound measures – we can’t help him because his mind is warped. Once a mind is warped- then that is when the being starts- to become incrassate. The lake and the water - look at his body, it is right there burning with acid- at least that is what it appears to be.
“The new way that the subjects will be coordinated will be in the homeostasis files. The adjacent profanation is what’s fucking with society; society in this area is really tortures said – Aven. “How do you plan on telling his family what happen to him?” Said Trent. “His family – far as I’m concerned he has no family - we have special cremation vaults around here. So we take his body, cremate the body, and make it look like he’s been a missing cold case.” Said Aven. “I know what we need - is a cold case of beer.” Said Trent – “hell yea, with the way shit is going on nobody will be better off. Therefore, these could formulate the reality - but then when the people are found strewed and they think that we could see into the next man’s gamble.
How farfetched would it be for the cops to come and pretend that we’re up to suspicious behavior”? “ The conglomerate was the decipher that’s permissible to
Conflagration. They just - try to come and mess up everything for us.” - Said Tinisha. They tried and they’ll try again. We have to put a stop to this. Why won’t someone tell me what is going on.” Said Tinisha.
Trent told Tinisha. “ We have everything going just fine, now that the prospectus is not you crying you should find out what’s real.” It was hot as ever in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.
The weather was pretty humid and the deification of surreal and the prologue – “The weapons are the next contradicted fact”. – “contradict you can not contradict Aven, you have to know, they are planning on flying over this area very soon – if you don’t understand the ekistics.” said Tinisha- The ekistics - what’s that suppose to mean.” Stated – Trent.
They were all huddled inside a canvassed building they were watching out of the window – they could see people being dragged, cars being driven by at fast speeds. They could here loud gunshots from the shooting range. They were quite oppolistic - too the reality wars that were going on in their own area.
Now that the perdition and the forecasted contraction will be the congested battle. Now that blood and the body that was brung in early surrounded them - was like an immigrant but in reality - if the subject had a passport or not would not matter.
The fact is that this mutherfucker was where he shouldn’t have been and he lost his life for this. The earth was very malignant he could saunter, the apocalypse into the hearted below zero measures.
The warts of the soul were being haunted. They felt as if they weren’t normal – the stipulation was in a stigmatism and they were so sure of the interocular innocents.
They were passion; they were getting ready to take the body to a concealed dormitory. They were going to try to put what accidently happened in the past, and they could.
Now that the pressure was so encaustic, the world’s pressure was the real deal and they were known in the passes of being very passive. Now that the yard was filled with, normal activities and they could proclivitize reality.
What would they believe the pestiferous air was very ferocious, the battalion vehicle pulled up and stopped in front of the canvassed building? “What the hell is this?”
Said Trent. “ It’s the Cardinal he’s here to talk to you about the missing person.” Said Aven. “Who told him this?” Sarcastic as Trent could think of. “We didn’t need him too find out anything, why have yall choosing these idiotic vowels.” Said Trent.
That’s right when the knocks came so rumptous too the ground. Now that they were looking through the window, they felt that the congested memoirs were about to be real. Now that the incognizant passion was like a panzi trying to escape, they would find out the truth.
The Cardinal comes in with his marine type of gear on. He states. “I see what we have here is a bunch noisy ignored people who wouldn’t know what to do if something was reality - so we must come in and make some changes.” Said the Cardinal. “ I don’t think we’re going to need any changes with the way the weather is right now; changes just seem to change they self - and now that you are in the way of the real operation and now that you can try to protect. Now that you can believe that the relevant source is the conjured up be- rail tossed into reality.” It started raining!
“I know that we have stumbled upon an intruder - and the intruder is being concealed at this canvassed building. So why was you articulating facts –

Well who or what the fuck you’re looking for is not here, so you must’ve herd something from the wrong sources.” Said Aven.
“ If that’s the case - you won’t mind if we look around. Now that you can try to manipulate our squadron.” said the Cardinal.
Were not committed to the aversion that is meticulously just so jumping - now that the notions are in the be-casted episode.
I just might look into one of you fucks as truthful.” Said Trent. “Oh you won’t have too.” Said Aven. “Just let them do a walk through and then they can find the door.” He said passively”
“You know that it’s illegal to think that we wouldn’t be in this together, if push comes to shove – why are you all trying to hide it? I won’t know.
When in need Just - please be aware that we can help out with this whole situation and now that the realm’s see the truth.”
“I don’t think that help is going to be needed, so you must be not understanding.” Said Tinisha. “So in other words the vital information is right there on the wall, and I’d take it that you have read everything on this wall and that you realize what is right.” Said the Cardinal.
“ I see – I see- I see exactly what it is - all the vibes were, saluted too my condition on if you were looking at that wall your self - would you still agree that everything is correct” Scolded Aven.
“No I wouldn’t.” said the Cardinal grievingly. As he continued on his mission, of searching the canvassed building.
Meanwhile at the dormitory where they had concepted the body.
That they had mysteriously found, thrown from a plane, or ridiculed in some other way.
As jeopardized; it was so lethargy.
They could not understand what had happened.
If they were in the habitat that they were running from, they would find out that they had heavy mesterfication of bees.
No one liked the reality but the canvassed building kept some so cool. Therefore, they tried to tell Cardinal Adams that they had everything under control, even if they had to lie to some people. At the building, they were doing more studies on the body and they were sure that the cause of deaf was heat separation of the soul.
They were really in desperate conscript to just turn the body in. They disobeyed the law and played the game to see if the law would constrict a criminal canvas.
The situation was so segacious it was really more than the world’s values.
They were situated, they were perpetrated, and they were not going to allow another agnostic aversion to their normal stability.
Doc matters said. “ We can really get a decent amount of information from the burned down receptacles that they found. Receptacles of clothes, of pictures, and other personnel belonging.” “ Have you talked to Trent, Aven or, Tinisha.” Said Carl.
Not yet and I bet they are in the order of being on the way over here. I’ve heard that the Cardinal was over there talking to them, so they progressed this body over here to us. Their trying to make a diversion for things that is out of their control.”
Trent and Aven drove all the way to the dormitory, passing by buildings and brinks and stenches.
They were so concluded to the heat - some out cooking in the heavy dirt, which was so permuted on the ground, around heavy rock formations.
They could tell from the conversation they was having that they were going to use this man for something other than what was planned and he was going to be dead and not have to worry. Now that they drove and drove. They found out that the jeep that they were in was having car troubles, now that they could be in juxtapositions.
They had a serene gamble, of the counteracted precision. The power of the volts that they were messing with in the valve room was becoming more scientific. Now that they were really in there nigger rigging the valves.
They would soon find out that when night came, that the whole entire outside of their area of over somehow 500 acres, would be filled with only smoke, and that the chemicals would soon really be coming from the enemy’s - that were there to destroy.
Even though the bungalows were packed, 50 people each bungalow. There were at least 100 bungalows. None of them people ever planned on going to war, but they all had guns and weapons.
This was a tactical camp were people came to receive their certificates to teach at academy’s that give degrees.
They were not in reality doing this for infantry.
What would be seaming as if a game set up on the other side.
In reality, this would be the real thing going on in the muthafucka.
No one was going too except the facts, because they were going to be coherst into the facts.
Once the people found out that, they were really being placed in places that were not right, too there selves. The head sergeants and other high officials, was not ready for what was going to happen even as theirs self’s.
Except the fact that they had all the guns and shit, they needed.
They were quite in equipollence. They were also eradicated to the strength of the magnificent air. The thunder roared! Threw the ground every time they shot the cannons.
The valves that they were fucking with were now jettisoned. They valves had brung hundreds of talking SCI- FI creatures - all ready to take over and destroy.
They were three feet tall; with eyes that were hellish red.
Their bodies were like see threw; you could like see the guts and blood ushering threw their bodies.
They were coming too destroy.
Just like a human doesn’t know what they are, going to go threw before they lived on planet earth;
These creatures would have to work with what they had, just like maggots that form and start moving simply from food staying in the fridgerater too long.
Now that the humans thought that, they could escape. They would soon found out that, what is going on is not human - some thought it was a curse and that they were about to die.
Shited not the fuck if they got there synoptic ass’s out of that muthafucker while the shit was going on.
Shit happens.
In addition - they just happened to be perplexed into this distillery grave, as the magneto gas has surrounded the barriers.
The head workers started calling on the loud speakers:
“Every one stay in your bungalows and close all windows.” As the sirens went off like smoke detectors.
The lights were spinning around the fucking rooms and outside corridors, like it was a devastating manipulation of the lord’s plan of the world.
Therefore, Trent tried his best to forget about the beer he was drinking. 7 hours had passed since they found the person who was corneal and uprooted to be the resonated Trek.
They were all into some plutonic condolence - Trent said. “Close all the windows quick.”
We already did so what is this. Said Cave”. “These gases won’t kill you they are just very blinding and there isn’t any telling how long this could be like this” Said Trent.
“I do not care, what you say it looks s like, it looks like that someone has set off one hundred thousand smoke bombs. I have to go out there and check on my people.” Said cave.
“Ok I have exactly what you need, these inferred fog glasses, these will make the fog and smoke see threw. You can see one hundred percent better than anyone out there.” Said Trent. “Ok so I will be back.” Said Cave.
He ran and he ran.
He went to each bungalow. He started with one and then he moved on to the next one.
What he did was talk and try to encourage all the people to stay calm and just protect their eyes.
Also not too, see what was going on.
Moreover, he was acknowledging that tomorrow was going to be a whole another phase.
They were all like complaining and coughing.
Some was dressed in their shorts and T-shirts.
Others were dressed in their kakis with a button up and down casual shirt.
They were all like wondering or asking questions about why they have been lied to. “This is like crazy.” Said some of the people.
In reality, what they needed to do was Operate up and start moving around; because once these creatures come, they will found out what the real deal was.
The creature’s starts to form from water modulation; and valve gasses that have been chemical compounded with gas: cobra venom.
Every single place where there is water.
In addition, these creatures were eluded.
They were eluded with the love of needing closure.
They start out as little black dot’s to the conception of bed bugs.
Then they grow too three feet over night.
Not in the first night.
It takes ten days.
Too, grow full.
So on the eleventh day.
Will be the day they could start moving.
They could also talk.
Some of the creatures were, more hideous than others. Some shooting galactic gases out of the nos’trills there strills were very deadly. They can deprive your skin. Your skin could grow back if you used the right antiseptic, which in reality was water.
Even though ever one just did not have water - see they form from this - So it is a double gammy. The bi - rays of the atmosphere were logic, also they couldn’t talk or move or be seen when it came to night; they turn back into the size of black bed bugs. Hard to see.
Therefore, as everyone ran around there bungalows trying to figure out why the large masses of gas were outside.
The top masses were now reissuing to the the lower masses.
In addition, by mourning, you would only be able to walk through the smoke masses but you would not be able to see the ground.
The smoke masses started from the ground and stopped about waist high on a person with height at of 6 foot tall.
Therefore, the fog level was at least three feet tall. The creatures were also three feet tall, so they were not going to be easy to be seen.
The smoke would be so thick that even if you bend down you couldn’t see where you were going.
Well let’s just thank god that at least you could see straight forward and breathe.
Moreover, they had special vigament vision modular’s that allow you to see through this type of temperature. Just so happened to be a couple cases of 20 quant: each case.
They were going to be specifying who would, get the pleasure of wearing the manifested aprons and they were going to need a lot more. They were destined to be the rational one’s not for long. They were so patristic to the wondrous values of the highlighted patristic gamble. I could tell that Trent and Tinisha were the ones who were planning, on the real passes. Nature was more conclude than the material peroration.
Now that it was raining and thundering with the devilistic clauses that they were going to be fucked up recovery.

First part: Six years later

Now that Charles was flying over the fields of a place, he had never been, with several refugees. He was talking to the refugees. He stated. “Something is not right with the way the sky’s are, I don’t think it’s safe. One of the refugees named comoketa spoke. “Don’t ta be crazy de grounds will la is done foe. And we’d be def out of luck and strut oh to pieces.” “Don’t tra listen to him he’d not know the mass even if he was de mass.” Said Calib. Just ta listen to me were going to get ta’ to the states and run there corner stores, we don’t ta care about ta sky’s mass’s not ta re don’t am.” Said Stigamite.
The only problem is, I’m the only one who speaks clear English, and has full demission of what goes on. So I’m going to land this plane because the education state’s that that’s what I should do.’ Said Charles.
Charles could hear the five refugees talking in the back as he drove and drove.
He was so strucking by the masses of the earth that he needed to drop the plane down and get going away from his self.
He wasn’t suspecting anything as SCI- FI as he was going to be in to suppression. Then he would understand. They were so not ready for what was going to occur. One or two guns were not enough and the portaged molecular detention was going to be passed through.
Charles was seeing things that were not there.
He was tripping when he thought that he saw a woman with a hand full of creatures, that were blowing to pieces each time he saw them.
He was thinking I must be really going through it and now that I am in the ways of my nature, why would this be happening to me.
The refugee’s were all saying. “What are you doing?” Charles said. “I’m landing.” Ok I tried to warn you.”
“Any way, how much do you really know?” Asked Charles.” “It’s all in mythology, that the laws “of ” landing will not be “or” forgiving the laws “ or ” forbidden.” Said comoketa.
When they landed the plane to the ground it was very blank there. There were mostly trees and pathway’s and they were so confused. Charles and the five refugee’s walked for a minute they were in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.
They would soon find some shed’s and other cooperative items. They plane was fuel-efficient.
Not since they landed all gas had left the plane; like a cigarette lighter that had been taken apart; in which a way that the lighter fluid left immediately. Charles was checking out the plane before they left. He said. “ People we have a problem, the plane is out of fuel.”
Ever one looked around at each other speaking curses and being in anger, saying. “ I knew us shant, never stopped oh foe shitta, look at this shitta, you have UN done.
They were so mad just wait into the creatures came and shoot the diabolic gases on their ass’s.
They were serene to the human nature they were more lofters than destroyers. - Because they needed being's energy to live, the creatures don’t receive energy from being’s who don’t breathe. Therefore, when they first attack you lose all energy and cannot walk or talk, even though these episodes ware off after a certain amount of minutes. Then you can move again. Even though water could help, someone out it’s almost impossible because your mouth becomes sealed after the creatures attack.
Therefore, you would be pretty thirsty and hungry for a while. Now that they were walking around the grounded land, they all walked together.
They tried to stay in order and they was now reading a sign that said: Communication Lodges. They took the path at a hope that they would find somewhere to sleep and they prayed for this.
If they have a few more secluded times, as they could here birds and daffodils squawking and yakking. The wind howled at their clothes. The temperatures were tormented and very hypothermia.
They had on coats and clothing. Even though there was, no snow on the ground the fidgety air was very very graphic.
It was the ways of the nature to not want to be in this moment.
They spoke to each other about the cold ass air, as they continued walking the trail.
Just so happed it was nightfall - it wasn’t dark but the sky’s masses were becoming darker. In addition, the creatures were going into hiding for the night.
Even though 6 years ago what ever happened happened.
This old day had killed every one off, or they made it out alive. But whatever it was - they was going to be manipulated by the state who keep’s the lights and other appliances working ; so that in need if they ever needed this area for special missions, things of the nature they would be happy. Now that they could pandure, the real reality and they could just wait. They walked and walked. Then that’s when Charles left the refugee’s alone by them self.
He told them that he needed to go check out some of the other areas of this place. Now that he could go into the valve, room accidently. He thought that he was working for HVAC. “But” He was going to be summoning some creatures who once before somehow killed all of their energy sources. Then they couldn’t live neither. Therefore, areas of this place were so dirty that all you could believe that something was going on very tragic around here. In addition, you would be like why would I want to stay here. Then you’d come to your senses and be like, I’m stuck here!
One of the refuges was having a talk with their other’s about: going back to the plane - to pick up some personnel things.
They commenced that belief.
Then they waited.
For Charles to come back.
When Charles made it back.
They talked to him about their plan to go to the plane.
The five refuges discussed that only two of them would go, the other three would stay with Charles. Comoketa and ké’ledian was the ones who planned on going. They were in this heated building right now, to be precise the same canvas building that Trent, and Tinisha was in six years ago.
Even though they would not know this. They was hearing and or hearing read sentences, logs that were written on the walls. They came to a decision that they were in some kind've combat war zone. They were so ready for the battles so they thought.
They were questioning and asking what were they going to eat. At that point, after about an hour they decided to let the two go - gather what they needed. They were unaware of where they were. They was going to be finding out that they were now in A diabolical pervasion.
They searched some more of the buildings, which were used as bungalows, in the past. They were so overwhelmed with the slime that they’d seen, in some Of the desk drawers. They asked each other what it was? they concluded that it was slime.
They said : what would slime be doing in these drawers. One said. : “ more like - ta what are we - ta doing her. We should ta get going.” Said Calib.
Charles stated it looks as if you could be leaving crying up to these females. “ I’d take that ta you are tee a certain this –
“ bcaus” - a ya a white male and I’m a black African. - Well if at - a everything was a that easy." Joked Charles.
They left the canvassed building.
It was freezing where the two-go’er backers to the plane were.
They was freezing so much that they couldn’t feel their fingers. They were talking to each other about, maybe stilling the plane and leaving every one where they was at.
Then they would come to reality and realize that they were not going to be accepted. The plane was struck.
It was obviously so fucked up on itself.
Then they talked about the way that Charles should’ve never landed.
They commenced the belief that they would make the best out of the situation.
They wished that they had went ahead and brung everyone, or found something possible too wheel ever body and everything alone. - - -
They was in the reality of not gaining the pleasure of killing. Now that they friend the earth. They realize that they were not going to be happy.
Once mourning come.
When they seen what happened six years ago.
That’s where the pressure is at and how the fantasy’s were occluded. This is the property of the next man, who’s dented trials and tribulations would be the past.
Now that they wanted to be back at one of the buildings they would feel that it was, Somehow just opposite. They were only into the intrepid and feel that he was Gnostic, and the game would never turn.
They looked for things that they would never find- picking items off of the ground, pocketing them, Trying to make sure that they could always find their way back - because the trails were almost hidden because of labyrinth gambrel.
They were so entwined to see the funnel of clouds that looked as if they were obtuse - but they over looked that - and was moving straight forward.
Now that the animal inside of them - wanted what was needed.
They felt as if that they could not wait to get back to the plane, they knew that it seemed as if it took longer than it did leaving the plane. To get back to the plane.
Now that they could jeopardize their self and try to stay away.
The stray would be the graphic gamble of human against creature. They were so into the vibe and they could compact the devastation of six years ago even if they knew nothing about it. Therefore, they were all in the order of separation of the soul. I think that they figured that they knew, that they would end up dying in the masses of this new place.
They were trying to forgive Charles.
Charles was back in the other place cooking food yea that’s right - what they went to the plane for was needed but not so needed.
They found clothes and shit and they found a lot of other things. Articles, cameras, phones, goggles.
all types of shit that would p –I – S – S off the two: comoketa, Ké’ledian but they were not yet restituted to the alloys of methodical procession.
The dementia of the roundelays gram would be the proliferated conjunction.
The plane seemed as if they was not there and they were really lost.
The hellish beliefs they would have, when they walked into the building.
Then Saw their friends mouth being stuffed. In addition; seeing their warm body’s and smiles; they would be like what is going on. “ You know exactly what is going on.”
“Ya ta’ are eating and are ta’ in dif’ clothes – what ta’ kind a’ shit is this, what a’ kind-a’ fuck'tin’ game is dis’.”
They’d be like : it’s not ta’ dame’ game - we were just looking around and we found shitta’ perhaps shitta’ you were out in the cold looking for.
They would then see the reality. This was kind’ve crazier than they expected. Now that they were jettisoned, they would jubilate the next game. They would really still be out in the cold at this point, they would found out that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. They were devastated by the conglomerates of who had heart, to try to conjure what was highly Episcopal. Now that the ways of the world fortified the tales of darkness; fortified the realms: of when Charles was thirteen and that he always wanted to be someone who studied spiritual activity.
He wanted to be a scientist of parapsychology.
He was definitely in his mind to reciprocate the realms that he was the stipulator of the yield pre’science of his maneuvers, also he was the stipulater of the habits he displayed. They let the parfocal be. His mother and father was working at a naval facility which they just happened to be away from their home a lot.
Charles was going through devastation. On how his father used to beat him. He was not ritualized to conceptualize the prospects, the prospects led him to murder.
He was so intelligent. High comatose was the resident of the gram. The laryngitis he had as a baby and his skin diseases that left his body pink with a condition of Post-Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation.
He was over this disease when he became 18.
His family was numismatic fit. Their dollars was ranging high in escudos. Their family wasn’t even from the united states; they were from Ireland, not Northern Ireland in the united kingdom- even though they used 999 in united kingdom a lot of times- which is their local emergency number like 911 in the united states. The flags of the decastyle in his soul was not going to be easy to pacify.
So they tried to purify him.
So his contextual pragmatism of nerves were congenial.
So they were looking threw the cat scan of someone who should’ve been dead but lived. He was part of the world that his mother would soon literate and not the judicature of behavioral sciences - at least not in a good way.
She did all she could for Charles Liguim. (lig-gwim)
He was more into a material miscegenation than a material minority.
Who Charles father and Charles That’s who.
He was reclaiming the derogative of the municipal of life, his now life, that was really his past life. Was seaming as if the logics of diffusion. He was in contempt to the large quanity masses of insects that he kept in his room.
“He” sodomy of the dark.
He was the pre’arrangement of the next noxious matters. There would be no more arguing riding down the street. He was more perilous of the pious, terrace of deserve. He was looking threw his telescope in his room once and he realized things that were so gratuity.
He was so submitted to the yellow fever that his dog had. Errant to the přeštěnice.
He would soon be grudged into the smartest and not really even looked at negative.
The segregation of his emotions were so vivid. He found out that his sister Carletta Liguim, was the one who was a concession of his reality virtuous. They were pigmented to not understand the fucking psychodynamics. They were zealous and she told Charles lies; saying your mothers not shit, she’s no good, so why she has a good job, fuck her.
The assuage she used was so deterrent. He was contiguous to the legistrative matters. He was pecuniary and they was watching as he went out into the yard and grabbed a bird and killed it, with his bare hands. Not because of his sister; it was because this happened in front of his mother, when his sitter wasn’t there.
I guess that they forgot about hunting.
The situation was epileptic.
The bed would come to life in his room, and he would talk to the spirits and congest that they wanted him to help them out.
Him being in the world would, substitute.
They were so sound and now that the prefund of the mound was certificated.
They would commence the afther words and they would be into the red, in the reality the prosperous and the connected activity would be the debt.
And the detective could be reflective to what happened.
And they were in the obtuse.
As he spoke to his rug. He said. “ how do you, do what you do”? The rug spoke back. “ We have received our powers from a higher source.”
As - light flashed through the atmosphere, the rug started glowing as if, this was going to be a magic carpet ride.
But it wouldn’t.
The rug spoke. “ I want to share something with you.”
Charles said. “ Share something like what.”
“ I want to share with you your true power, with that power, The power is better than seeing me and hearing me. You can loose and fall victim to a negative curse. This is already a curse, it may could be used as good or bad.” Prepared the rug.
Charles feelings were as of if demurrage and they were so tea kettle to be the next measures. The rug said. “ We know why you are here, at your sisters and you are trying to escape what has happened to your body and face. “
As Charles walked over to the mirror. “ Well you’re not normal and you’ll never be! I’ll show you and you’ll obey my wishes, Charles.”
The rugs voice shattered the fucking air like a muthafucking mistletoe! The mistletoe crashed frozen threw the manipulated walls of Charles soul. He was paginating his next ten statements in his mental, before they came.
And now. He said. “ I will not obey you.” Charles thought that everything was sweet, - it wasn’t - the isometrics were so surround sound.
The rug diapered then he changed into a gargoyle.
Who Charles that’s who?
And he thought and thought.
He woke up.
He figured he was in a dream.
Even if it was.
It would end up being realer to him than a dream in the ending.
Charles was so ready for the next phases of reality. He was so close to behaving in ransom, that he was deciduous of the proclamation, that was so reared to the deaf .
The stoichiometry was the laked masses, that had him in the friction. He used fiction as the depiction of reality. He tried to believe that the weather was of the utmost gamble.
He was in suicide of the evidence, that was so ready. The evidence was everything he’d been through. He could complete the words of the passes.
Then when it came to it, he would soon realize that he was still in Mexico with the refugee’s.
He was having a talk with one of his teachers when he was in school; the 6th grade. He was so not sure if he should except his words - he wanted him to run the class and be the head of the situation. Now that the pressure was coming from Carden his science teacher.
He would see if moving the magnets from positive or negative would attract or dis-tract. So he found the shreds of magnet’s and made them move. He had the plus and minus wires hooked up to the plastic receptacle too make the light bulb work in class.
He felt the impious intrigue. He was really coming up with ideas separate, that were conclusively better; like he made a minuture fan that could cool the whole entire room off in 3 seconds, the fan was miniature as a computer mouse.
That’s very intelligent and somewhat impossible.
He was eradicated, top the belief that he was the next one and if the choice was different - it would be opposite and now that the manage was the consensus. The pleasure was in the red area of his mind.
He wondered how he would feel if he was ever manipulated. He was running high on octose and they wanted that element table to be created.
He was the one who was scientific enough to disappear the girls hair, in the class. They were bald but they looked alright. He was almost kicked out of school for that.
But what happened, happened out side of the school. They were trying to come up with a way to have him cleared; the girls from the class. They was scared, like he had special powers; So they tried to make up a game to see if he really could keep everything he’d believe in.
That’s when he realized that the perspicuous gram was the decipher that would control his hemisphere. He was unaware that the dwell was the animosity that concluded the program. He kept the radio playing in his mind.
He even gave the girls back they hair!
It was an exact grace of pleasure.
He would see the globe of the atmosphere syncretistic. Now that the round shaped belief was not prosperous they would sect ionize the class as an obliged content.
Then they would start walking into the mile of the degrees that were so plutonic. They could not register the frenetic thrust that was exert, until they seen the real profanation and the words melted.
Charles was sitting around in his room a lot - where he came up with most dialect of most of his valuable clauses.
Or should I say idea’s.
He was pileated, he was diplomatic into the forced plan, that would be the next bereavement.
into the halitosis of the pragmatic gamble.
He watched as the shadows moved back and forth. They was so close; to just animating what Charles really needed was to escape the past. They was not marveled with the conception of miraculous writing. The tedious prize had just Concealed the gamut which was in the pointed room: The pointed room was where they kept all the sharp material for making and creating things.
Now that you can uterus threw the dedicated mission. He told his mom he needed some new clothes .
She was really ready to leave the deification of the vowles of the next measures. Now that she looked into the eyes of the sparrow. They could conclude that the rates were in the phases of the jeopardize instrument that was grazing.
The thought that he was so innocent.
They would not need to be too extravagant because the gigantic goose - eagle would be the resonated ground move,the fellowship would be the detonater of the specific- noculant – matters – that would be solitude. And that realness was the liquor that was hot blood, not a consummation of head retention mass’s and that was.
The contraceptive- reparative- adjunct and that prohibition, and that sinotic capsul was looking at his manacle that was left on his heart.
Now that the ricocheted pressure could just let the sanction be dubious.
Come to found out that the drastic measures could be the palpitate.
They could source the heart stethoscope that would’ve shown that the heart was still active, even if the heart was diabolically inactive. They tried to deceive me and make believe that I was - how do you say it – diabolical. Now that greteel was grated and open so agate.
Now that the worlds were coming closer together. Albino morals of a compendium that was like a null of emotions. The creatures was in his room evernight, and they was like a family who had been infested with roaches. These creatures was not roaches, their poaches could, cling – a – lingy , ling. Though this may be humourous, it was not a real funny gravit- the gravity was not prerecognized it was a suppression of the nonorthodox- the gamma rays were there. Science fiction was very high on the authoritive boundarys. He questioned why his electromagnetic crystal ball? He patched up the whole in the wall of his bedroom that was there.
He could sense that radio active viles that were going to end up being in Mesoamerica surrounded by lot’s of trees, and creatures that were 3’ feet tall. They was underground and the plight words stuck in their mind.

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